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Fleece Sale & Fiber Mill Info


Fleece Sale – Wool and Oh So Much More…

Friday March 23, 2018        10 am – 6 pm
Saturday March 24, 2018     9 am – 5 pm

We should have a wide variety of fleeces for sale, including various breed of Sheep, Mohair, Alpaca, Llama and more.  

To Consign Fleeces:Bing 2014 fleece

  1. There will be a $3.00 handling fee per fleece paid when the fleeces are entered. That fee is non-refundable.
  2. The number of fleeces is not limited.
  3. Fleeces may be delivered Thursday March 22, 2018 from 2 pm until 7:30 pm or Friday March 23, 2018 from 8 am to 10 am.
  4. The fleece sale hours are 10 am – 6 pm on Friday March 23, 2018 and 9 am – 5 pm on Saturday March 24, 2018.
  5. Fleeces must be in clear undamaged plastic bags.
  6. Fleeces must be marked with a tag indicating washed or unwashed status and the farm information. Information tags are provided.
  7. Please skirt fleeces to remove manure tags.
  8. Please make copies of your paperwork to help you remember what you brought.
  9. Fleece bags may be left open for display.
  10. Fleeces may be picked up from 3-5 on Saturday March 24, 2018. Any fleeces left after that time become the property of Carolina FiberFest.  If you have any fleeces that don’t sell and you want them processed, you can make arrangements with Shepherd’s Gate Fiber Mill to pick them up for you.  (See Below).
  11. Carolina FIberFest is not responsible for lost, missing or damaged fleeces.
  12. Money collected for fleece sales will be paid by check and mailed to the consigner no later than 30 days after the Festival ends.


CFF Fleece Sale Entry Form (Doc)

CFF Fleece Sale Entry Form (PDF)


Wool is one of the easiest, most versatile and popular fibers to spin.

There are many different breeds of sheep, and each offers a different type of fleece (wool). The main classifications are fine wool, medium / crossbred wool, and long wool.  Each comes in a variety of colors, lengths, crimp/curls, and textures.

Benefits of Wool:Quality Wool

Natural & Renewable
Strong & Durable
Blends Well with other fibers
Dyes Easily
Hand-Washable or Dry-Clean
Flame Resistant




Shepherd’s Gate Fiber Mill
will be on hand to take any fleeces that you want processed.

Shepherd’s Gate Fiber Mill
Alesia Moore
Dan & Ann Payne, 
110 Boardwalk Dr.
Youngsville, NC 27596


Visit our website for prices and order forms.