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Demonstrations and Talks

Free Talks and Presentations – 2018

WOW!  We have some exciting free talks and presentation lined up for you this year.
You don’t want to miss this!!!


Friday March 23, 2018


9:30-10:30 am   Introduction to Saori Weaving – Dawn Hummer

Weaving with Lack of Intent ~ Saori Weaving has taken the globe by gentle storm – encouraging those of all abilities to embrace their creative inner selves and enjoy the process of free-form weaving.  With over 40,000 Saori weavers in more than 30 different countries, Saori weaving encourages designing while at the loom and weaving with no rules; celebrating the process and spontaneity of unique creations.   With a focus on color, texture and a variety of regular and irregular fibers, free-form weaving on the ergonomic Saori Looms makes the process easy, enjoyable and accessible for all!   Dawn will have several Saori Looms, accessories and woven pieces available for demonstration and trial.  Come catch the spirit of Saori weaving! 

About the presenter: Dawn Hummer was recently awarded Saori Weaving Studio designation and certification from Saorinomori in Osaka, Japan.  She has taught artistic creativity across mediums to students, groups and individuals with varying degrees of ability. A recent transplant to Chapel Hill, NC from Austin, TX, Dawn balances personal artistic exploration while continuing to carry forward a passion for facilitating creative expression and joy within the larger community through artful and sculptural weaving.


11:00-12:00 noon  Selecting Your First Loom – Triangle Weavers Guild

If you are considering a loom whether it is your first or an additional loom in your collection, there are some things you may want to consider.  Come hear about the types of looms and the pros and cons of each type and what to look for if buying a used loom.  

About the presenters: (Triangle Weavers Guild) Triangle Weavers, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation organized in 1972 providing community outreach and shared learning experiences to those engaged in fiber arts. Its mission is to support fiber artists at every level of experience. The membership includes over 160 members from beginning weavers to expert weavers and artisans. The Triangle Weavers Guild is a member of the Handweavers Guild of America.


1:00-2:00 pm  Botanical Dyeing Eco Printing – M. Theresa Brown

Theresa describes Eco-printing as a form of botanical printing that involves gathering leaves, plants, grasses and flowers and through an eco-friendly process transposes Mother Nature’s colors, designs, and faux textures onto fiber art.”

Ecoprinting is basically using the tannins and acids within plants to create the print impressions. It works best on protein fibers such as wool and silk. Theresa works mainly on silk but will share examples of ecoprints on both silk and wool. She’ll also share her experiences in the gathering and printmaking process of the plants that she uses.  For a more in-depth, hands-on experience where you will create your own ecoprinted scarf, sign up for Theresa’s class Easy Dye Silk Scarves on Friday or Saturday.

About the presenter: M Theresa Brown is a long time professional portrait artist and printmaker whose career continues to evolve and embrace many areas of the Arts. Years of painting led to hand painting on silk and her years of printmaking on paper led her to Ecoprinting on natural fibers. She accepts Nature’s beautiful gifts and merges them into unique, beautiful designs that she transforms into fashion forward art. She creates beautiful eco-dyed and hand painted silk creations in her studio and mini-farm. She participates in many shows and holds workshops on both silk painting and ecoprinting in her studios outside of Franklinton, NC.


2:30-3:30 pm  Selecting the Right Fleece for Your Project – Elaina Kenyon

In this interactive presentation, we’ll focus on the basics of selecting a sound wool fleece, as well one that is “fit for purpose”, as in suitable for a particular use. We will cover breeds of wool sheep commonly found in North Carolina and how they are often used.  Participants are welcome to bring fleeces for evaluation and questions are encouraged.  You will leave prepared to purchase a fleece at the Carolina Fiber Fest fleece sale.  For a more in-depth, hands-on experience, covering all types of fleeces, sign up for Elaina’s class Fleece Selection and Prep – Wool and Beyond on Thursday.

About the presenter: Elaina Kenyon is shepherd-in-charge at Avillion Farm where they raise Shetland and Jacob sheep, colored and white angora goats, and German and French angora rabbits. Raised on a small farm in RI, she discovered spinning in college and from there it was only a matter of time until the fiber animals would follow starting in the mid-1990s.  One of her greatest joys is experiencing the whole process from raising the animals themselves to producing finished goods, and sharing this joy with others.


4:00-5:00 pm – Unraveling Ravelry – Susan Sitze

Do you have yarn in stash for that pattern you’re dying to cast on at 9:00 at night? You know you found the perfect pattern for that new baby in your life, but what was it called?       What pattern were you thinking of when you bought that yarn?    Do you have a 16 inch circular needle in a US 9 or a K crochet hook?    What size needles were you using on that sweater before you stole them for another project? Come see how you can use Ravelry to help organize your fiber life. Get ideas for how to keep up with your yarn and fiber stash, your equipment and resources, your projects, and remember what you want to make next.   

About the presenter: Susan Sitze (Ravelry name: legaleagle) is primarily a knitter and spinner, but she dabbles in many other fiber arts.    She is in love with the way Ravelry organizes her stash online, even when her craft room looks like the yarn exploded.


 Saturday March 24, 2018


9:30-10:30 am  Body Mechanics for the Fiber Enthusiast -Sue Knight

Is carpal tunnel interfering with your knitting or crocheting?  Is neck pain or back pain getting to you, preventing you from weaving and spinning? Come learn how changing our posture helps decrease the symptoms of overuse syndrome.  You will have the chance to try some techniques to help you enjoy fibering without any annoying side effects.

About the presenter: Sue Knight is a licensed physical therapist who has 39 years of experience. She has been knitting and crocheting since she was six and learned to spin three years agow when she joined the Twisted Thread Fiber Arts Guild.  Sue is a member of Cary Blankateers who make blankets for Linus Project.  She enjoys teaching and blending her vocation with her avocation.


11:00-12:00 noon  Behind the Design – Martha Emily Myers

Have you ever had an idea and wondered where to begin with designing your own project.  In this session, you will learn about what went into the knit along design for this year’s Carolina Fiber Fest. You will learn about the steps and missteps and you will get to see the first design and some of the first test samples for the design. If you joined in the knit along, please bring your cowls to model and talk about (even if incomplete).  If you have designed your own projects please come and share your experience with other budding designers. Download this year’s knit-along pattern here.

About the presenter: Martha Emily Myers is a budding designer who has been altering and making up her own patterns for years. She has experience working in a yarn store and is an active member of the Old North State Knitters Guild. Recently she began working with a tech editor and test knitters to publish her own patterns on Ravelry.    



1:00-2:00 pm  A History of Color– Reid Haslup

Come hear the story of colors! Since antiquity, people have loved wearing colored garments, and I’ll discuss some of the more notable coloration materials and methods. We’ll talk art and science, and learn a little of both!

About the presenter: Reid Haslup -Growing up in South Carolina, Reid always said she wanted to move north for school so she could see snow, but not so far north that She would have to go to class in it. Raleigh seemed like the perfect spot, and she earned all of her degrees from North Carolina State University. Reid’s undergraduate background is in textile chemistry, and her doctoral research focused on color science. Reid has a passion for color, and she is looking forward to sharing a bit of what she has learned!



2:30-3:30 pm   Starting a Fiber Business– Panel Moderator Pam Maher

Considering turning your fiber enthusiasm into a business?  We invite you to come hear what inspired these folks to begin their fiber businesses and the lessons they learned along the way.

About the panelists: Panel Moderator Pam Maher, owner of, a selling platform for indie shops dedicated to supplying the fiber community; Diana Cathcart, owner of The Textile Creative, with experience as an online and craft market seller; Alesia Moore, owner/operator of Shepherd’s Gate Fiber Mill & Especially For Ewe (Felting & Fiber Arts Supplies) and shepherdess at Discovery Farm; Sue Szary, owner of Against His Will Gallery and Studio in Siler City and Twin Birch Needles manufacturer; and Ashley Askew, owner of Twist Fiber Studio, yarn dyer and project bag maker with experience as an online and craft market seller and with Kickstarter.


4:00-5:00 pm  Getting Started with Fiber Animals – Elaina Kenyon

 Have you thought about owning your own fiber animals such as sheep, angora goats or angora rabbits and wondered what it takes in terms of time and investment?  This presentation will focus on the basic issues to consider if you are new to fiber animals in general, or considering the addition of a new species to your farmstead.  We’ll talk about the basic characteristics and needs of these wonderful animals, and how they fit with various homesteading situations and fiber production goals. Questions are strongly encouraged.

About the presenter: Elaina Kenyon is shepherd-in-charge at Avillion Farm where they raise Shetland and Jacob sheep, colored and white angora goats, and German and French angora rabbits. Raised on a small farm in RI, she discovered spinning in college and from there it was only a matter of time until the fiber animals would follow starting in the mid-1990s.  One of her greatest joys is experiencing the whole process from raising the animals themselves to producing finished goods, and sharing this joy with others.



Demonstrations – 2018 final details coming soon

The following Guilds and groups will have ongoing demonstrations.
Stop by and enjoy the heritage and diversity of fiber arts in eastern NC.


  1. Ol’ North State Knitting Guild
  2. Triangle Machine Knitters Guild
  3. Crochet
  4. Tri-Tatters
  5. Sir Walter Lacers (Bobbin Lace)
  6. Rug Hooking
  7. Triangle Weavers Guild
  8. Twisted Threads Fiber Arts Guild /Sheep to Scarf
  9. Make It With Wool & NC Sheep Producers  
  10. Bobbin Boy


If you belong to a Fiber Arts Guild or group and would like to participate in the festival, please contact us at  You can also fill out a CFF Demonstration Request Form